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Quality Control

I. Management Responsibility
Quality Policy: All Involvement, Quality First, Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction!
Environmental Policy:Obey Laws, Save Energy, Protect Resource, Reduce Waste, Prevent Pollution, All Involve, Close to Neighborhood
People pay more attention to health concept, so the topic of environmental protection has become the focus of all people in recent years. For enterprises with high social responsibility, “Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction, Environmental Protection, Earth Protection” will not be a slogan, but a main purpose of corporate social responsibility!
Quality Objective
Material yield objective: ≥97%; finished product yield objective: ≥99%; finished product shipment yield objective: ≥98%; customer complaint objective: ≤2 each month
Management Review
Regular management review each year, hold special meeting when necessary (convened by management representative or agent)
Unity, carry forward team spirit; stress technology, development by technology; strengthen management, benefit by management

II. Quality Control Process

III. Customer Complaint Handling Process

Do a bit more for company, think a bit more for customers

IV. Measurement and Test Equipment